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P.G. Wodehouse's humorous stories come alive on DVD.

Wodehouse Playhouse

All three seasons of the British comedy based on the short stories of British author P.G. Wodehouse on DVD. In the first season, Wodehouse appears in person to introduce the shows. Most of the episodes are drawn from the Mr. Mulliner stories, with some from the golf stories, and three from the Drones Club.  The first season featured an ensemble cast with John Alderton and Pauline Collins playing various roles. The third season had new graphics, while still billing John Alderton, but with a rotating cast. Wodehouse wrote nearly 100 books, the most popular featuring Bertie Wooster and the gentleman's gentleman, Jeeves. Hugh Laurie called him "the funniest writer to ever put words to paper".

Wooster and Jeeves

All four seasons of the British comedy of manners by P.G. Wodehouse on DVD. Starring Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster, and Stephen Fry as Jeeves, with a sparkling roster of supporting characters. From Granada television, this series was shown in the USA on PBS.